Tips & Tricks


How do I highlight to the end of the active data?

Click in the cell you would like to start from. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT and use the arrow keys to highlight in the direction you require.

How do I highlight an entire row?

Click on the row you would like to highlight. Hold down SHIFT + SPACEBAR.

How do I replace . with / in Excel

Highlight the data you want to change. Press CTRL+F. In the Find area, type a . Then go to the replace tab and type a / Then press Replace All. Great for dates.

How do I retrieve a closed down tab?

CTRL + SHIFT + T will bring back a closed tab, at the exact page you were originally on in your internet browser. 

How to quickly close virtual desktop

To close the virtual desktop you’re using press the windows key +Ctrl +F4

How to reposition marquee while selecting in AutoCAD

Use any marquee tool (except single column and single row) + Spacebar-drag

How do I cycle through documents in AutoCAD

Press CTRL + Tab to cycle through open documents in AutoCAD

How to open the navigation dialogue box in Word

Press Ctrl + F = Navigation dialogue box

How to switch to the zoom tool in AutoCAD

Ctrl + Spacebar = Switch to Zoom IN tool
Alt + Spacebar + Switch to Zoom OUT tool

How to replace dialogue box in Word

To replace dialogue box in Microsoft Word press Ctrl + H

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