Tips & Tricks


How to store repetitive text in Microsoft Word

IN Microsoft Word select text and press ALT + F3 to store repetitive text. Name the text. Type the name and press ENTER or F3 to insert.

Jump to a particular slide in PowerPoint

In slideshow view in PowerPoint to jump to a particular slide press the slide number you need along with ENTER.

New task in area in Outlook

To create a new email, new meeting, new contact, new task in area in Microsoft Outlook press CTRL + N

Repeat last command in Excel

To repeat the last command in Microsoft Excel press F4

Highlighting a sentence in Word

To quickly highlight a sentence in Microsoft Word press CTRL + Click.

How to Navigate slide frames in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint navigate the slide frames and press CTRL+ ENTER at the bottom to create a new slide

Extend selection when highlighting in Word

In Microsoft word to extend selection when highlighting click at start and press F8 – click where you want to finish then press Esc

Format Cells in Microsoft Excel

To format cells in Excel press CTRL + F1

Format Painter in Microsoft Office

Use the Format Painter in any presentation, word document, spreadsheet or outlook to copy the formats of the text or object you have highlighted. Double click will keep it on – ESC will cancel it.

Moving to and from fields in Outlook

To move to previous field in reading pane press CTRL + TAB
To move to next field in reading pane press SHIFT + TAB

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