Tips & Tricks


Duplicate and item in PowerPoint

To duplicate any object in PowerPoint press CTRL + D

How to create a new line after bullet points in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook SHIFT + ENTER used in Number or Bullet Lists creates a new line.

Change case in Microsoft Word

To change your case in word press SHIFT + F3

Select 'ALL' in Microsoft Office

To select 'ALL' in any program you are working in, press CTRL + A.

Formatting cells in Excel

To format cells in Microsoft Excel press CTRL + 1

Cancel a slide show in PowerPoint

To quickly cancel a slide show in Microsoft PowerPoint, in slideshow view press ESC.

How to store repetitive text in Microsoft Word

IN Microsoft Word select text and press ALT + F3 to store repetitive text. Name the text. Type the name and press ENTER or F3 to insert.

Jump to a particular slide in PowerPoint

In slideshow view in PowerPoint to jump to a particular slide press the slide number you need along with ENTER.

New task in area in Outlook

To create a new email, new meeting, new contact, new task in area in Microsoft Outlook press CTRL + N

Repeat last command in Excel

To repeat the last command in Microsoft Excel press F4

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