Tips & Tricks


How do I hide my Desktop?

Press the Windows logo key and D to dispay and hide the desktop.

Using the up and down arrows in PowerPoint

Use the up and down arrows to move an object.

How to quickly lock your PC

Press the windows logo key and L to quickly lock your PC or switch accounts.

How to center a paragraph on Microsoft Word.

To quickly center a paragraph in Word press CTRL + E.

How to 'Go to' a Cell in Excel

Press CTRL + G (or F5) to Go to a cell or special for more options.

How to extend selection when highlighting

Press F8 extend selection when highlighting in Microsoft Excel.

How to use the quick navigation tool.

Press CTRL + F in any Microsoft program to quickly find what you are looking for.

How to present form your currents slide in PowerPoint

Press SHIFT + F5 to present from current slide in Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to resize objects in PowerPoint

CTRL + Drag - Hold down the CTRL Key when you resize an object. This will resize it from the centre out.

How to reset a paragraph to 'normal' in Word

Press CTRL + Q in Microsoft Word, to reset paragraph to normal, this takes away indents and tabs.

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