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How do I move around Outlook using the keyboard?

Quickly open your contacts page by using CTRL+3. To return to your email use CTRL+1. CTRL+2 is Calendar

Microsoft Windows Keyboard Commands

Windows Logo: Start menu

Windows Logo+R: Run dialog box

Windows Logo+M: Minimize all

Windows Logo+F1: Help

How do I create a new paragraph or line in Microsoft Excel?

To create a new line in Excel inside a cell – press ALT+ENTER on the keyboard. Press this twice for a paragraph

How do I move around Outlook using the keyboard?

CTRL+1 on the keyboard takes you to Mail. CTRL+2 takes you to Calendar. CTRL+3 takes you to Contacts. CTRL+4 takes you to Tasks.

How do you insert a date in Microsoft Word using the keyboard?

To enter the date in Word use ALT+SHIFT+D

How do I double underline a Word using the keyboard?

To double underline a word or phrase, highlight the word or phrase and use CTRL+SHIFT+D

Microsoft Windows Keyboard Tricks

Windows Logo+E: Open Windows Explorer

Windows Logo+D: Display the Desktop

How do I hide the Ribbon in Microsoft Office?

Press CTRL+F1 to collapse and expand The Ribbon in Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote and PowerPoint. You can also double click on the ribbon to do the same.

How do I make text bold in Word and other Microsoft packages?

Either click on the word or highlight the words you want to make bold. then hold CTRL and press B.

How do I jump to a certain slide in PowerPoint?

When in slideshow, all you need to do is type the number of the slide and press ENTER.

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