Tips & Tricks


How to reposition marquee while selecting in AutoCAD

Use any marquee tool (except single column and single row) + Spacebar-drag

How do I cycle through documents in AutoCAD

Press CTRL + Tab to cycle through open documents in AutoCAD

How to open the navigation dialogue box in Word

Press Ctrl + F = Navigation dialogue box

How to switch to the zoom tool in AutoCAD

Ctrl + Spacebar = Switch to Zoom IN tool
Alt + Spacebar + Switch to Zoom OUT tool

How to replace dialogue box in Word

To replace dialogue box in Microsoft Word press Ctrl + H

How to switch documents in AutoCAD

To switch to previous documents in AutoCAD press Shift + Control + Tab.

How to open Action centre in Windows

Press the Windows logo key and A to open the Action centre.

How do I enter subscript in Microsoft Word?

To enter Subscript (very small letters just below the line of text ) in Word press CTRL + =

How can I add a virtual desktop in Windows?

To add a virtual desktop press the windows key + CTRL + D.

How do I open Cortana in Windows?

To open Cortana in listening mode press the Windows key + C.

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