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How do I enter subscript in Microsoft Word?

To enter Subscript (very small letters just below the line of text ) in Word press CTRL + =

How can I add a virtual desktop in Windows?

To add a virtual desktop press the windows key + CTRL + D.

How do I open Cortana in Windows?

To open Cortana in listening mode press the Windows key + C.

Inserting a new line under a bullet list.

In Microsoft Word to insert a new line under a bullet list press SHIFT + ENTER.

How can I quickly open the task bar

Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to quickly open the task bar in Microsoft Windows

How can I change the case in Microsoft Word?

To change the case of a word or sentence in Microsoft Word press Shift + F3. This will change for upper case to lower and vice versa.

Presenting in Microsoft Powerpoint

Press F5 to present from slide 1

Showing a previously hidden slide in PowerPoint

Press CTRL + H to show a hidden slide in Microsoft PowerPoint.

How do I quickly open the start menu?

Press CTRL + Esc to access the start menu in Microsoft Windows.

In slideshow view in PowerPoint...

  • Press E to Erase annotations.
  • Press CTRL + H to hide the arrow and pointer temporarily.

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