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How do I create a shortcut to the desktop quickly?

On the Keyboard - hold down your CTRL+SHIFT key and drag the file to the Desktop. Using the Mouse - right click on the file or folder and choose Send To and then Desktop (create shortcut).

How do I Add up using the keyboard in Excel?

To add up using the keyboard in Excel place your cursor in the box where you would like the answer and press ALT+=

How do I apply or remove Strikethrough formatting in Microsoft Excel?

Use CTRL+5 to quickly apply and remove strikethrough formatting in Microsoft Excel.

How do I view my formulae in Microsoft Excel?

Use CTRL+` to view your formulae in Microsoft Excel.

How do I check spelling in Microsoft Access?

Use F7 to open the spellchecker in Microsoft Access.

How do I select objects in AutoCAD?

Hold down the SHIFT key and then repeatedly hit the SPACEBAR (SHIFT+SPACE). Each object under the cursor will be highlighted in turn and you can easily pick the one you want.

How Do I Add or Edit a Comment in Excel?

To insert or edit a comment in Microsoft Excel use SHIFT+F2

How do I open a new window in Microsoft OneNote?

Use CTRL+M to open a new window in Microsoft OneNote.

How do I select all Formulae in Microsoft Excel?

Press CTRL+G - select Special button - select Formulae

How do I create a search folder in Outlook?

Create a search folder in Outlook using CTRL+SHIFT+P

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