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How do I reset the Font in Word?

To reset the font style in Microsoft Word press CTRL + SPACEBAR

How do I quickly navigate from the top and bottom in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel to jump to the bottom press CTRL + END
To jump to the top press CTRL + HOME

Highlighting from a cell in Excel.

To highlight from a cell to the top press CTRL + SHIFT + HOME
To highlight from a cell to the end press CTRL + SHIFT + END

Using the SHIFT key in PowerPoint.

Use the SHIFT key whilst drawing lines, arrow heads, squares and circles to get perfect shapes.

Creating a new slide in PowerPoint.

To create a new slide in Microsoft PowerPoint press CTRL + M together,

How do I select a word or a sentence in Word?

To select a word or a sentence in Microsoft Word, click at the beninning of the sentence or word and click at the end prssing shift at the same time.

Are you using Skype for Business? Try this shortcut.

From inside the instant message conversation - press CTRL+R
This will display the participant list where you can see if people are video enabled, or you can view their contact card where you can get more options such as email and phone etc.

How do I select the current region in Excel?

Fed up with dragging a range - this is a great tip. From a laptop without the number pad - Press CTRL+SHIFT+8 (this gets you to the *). The current range is the whole dataset, in all directions from the current cell until Excel hits the edge of the worksheet or a completely blank row and column. On a desktop computer, pressing CTRL+* the a numeric keypad will work also.

How do I move around selected data in Excel?

After you have highlighted a large amount of data - you may want to move around that data - ie back to the top. Pressing CTRL+. (CTRL+ full stop) will allow you to jump to the next corner - repeating this will take you to the top.

How do I select a Row or Column in Excel using the keyboard?

Press SHIFT+SPACEBAR to select an entire row or CTRL+SPACEBAR to select an entire column using the keyboard in Excel

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