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How do I do Find and Replace in Microsoft Excel?

How do I do Find and Replace in Microsoft Excel? Use CTRL+H to find and replace in Microsoft Excel

How do I select the current region in Excel?

Fed up with dragging a range - this is a great tip. From a laptop without the number pad - Press CTRL+SHIFT+8 (this gets you to the *). The current range is the whole dataset, in all directions from the current cell until Excel hits the edge of the worksheet or a completely blank row and column. On a desktop computer, pressing CTRL+* the a numeric keypad will work also.

How do I move around selected data in Excel?

After you have highlighted a large amount of data - you may want to move around that data - ie back to the top. Pressing CTRL+. (CTRL+ full stop) will allow you to jump to the next corner - repeating this will take you to the top.

How do I select a Row or Column in Excel using the keyboard?

Press SHIFT+SPACEBAR to select an entire row or CTRL+SPACEBAR to select an entire column using the keyboard in Excel

How do I see the shortcut keys for the Ribbon in Office?

Press the ALT key on the keyboard to see the shortcut keys for the ribbon - pressing the letter or number will then take you to that command.

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