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How do I go to my Tasks in Outlook by using the keyboard?

Quickly open your task list by using CTRL+4. To return to your email use CTRL+1.

How do I quickly mark emails as read or unread?

To mark an Outlook message as Unread, select the message and use CTRL+U and to mark as Read CTRL+Q

How do I insert the date in Excel using the keyboard?

Insert the current date in to a cell in Excel using CTRL+;

What is the keyboard command for inserting Hyperlinks?

Launch the HyperLink dialogue box in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook by pressing CTRL+K

What is the keyboard command for inserting time in Excel?

Insert the current time in to a cell in Excel using CTRL+SHIFT+:

What is the keyboard command for the Font dialogue box?

Open the font dialogue box in Word using CTRL+SHIFT+F

How can I increase text size in Microsoft Word or Outlook?

Increase the size of your text in Microsoft Word by highlighting the text and using CTRL+]

How Do I delete a word backwards?

Press CTRL+BACKSPACE on the keyboard

How can I change the colour of Tabs in Excel?

Change the worksheet tab colour in Excel 2007/2010/2013. Right click the worksheet tab, select tab colour on the menu and choose a colour.

How can I check for new mail in Outlook?

Check for new mail in Outlook by using CTRL+M or F9

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