Tips & Tricks


Quick ways to Bold, Italic and Underline in Word.

CTRL + I = Italic
CTRL + B = Bold
CTRL + U = Underline

How do I hide the ribbon in Word?

To hide the ribbon double click on Home Tab. Do same to get back.

How do I reset the Font in Word?

To reset the font style in Microsoft Word press CTRL + SPACEBAR

How do I quickly navigate from the top and bottom in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel to jump to the bottom press CTRL + END
To jump to the top press CTRL + HOME

Highlighting from a cell in Excel.

To highlight from a cell to the top press CTRL + SHIFT + HOME
To highlight from a cell to the end press CTRL + SHIFT + END

Using the SHIFT key in PowerPoint.

Use the SHIFT key whilst drawing lines, arrow heads, squares and circles to get perfect shapes.

How do I select a Row or Column in Excel using the keyboard?

Press SHIFT+SPACEBAR to select an entire row or CTRL+SPACEBAR to select an entire column using the keyboard in Excel

Creating a new slide in PowerPoint.

To create a new slide in Microsoft PowerPoint press CTRL + M together.

How do I move around selected data in Excel?

After you have highlighted a large amount of data - you may want to move around that data - ie back to the top. Pressing CTRL+. (CTRL+ full stop) will allow you to jump to the next corner - repeating this will take you to the top.

How do I select a word or a sentence in Word?

To select a word or a sentence in Microsoft Word, click at the beninning of the sentence or word and click at the end prssing shift at the same time.

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