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Tips & Tricks

Shift + Click In Excel

In Microsoft Excel click in a cell – hold down SHIFT key and click to select

How to Flag an email in Outlook

To quickly flag an email in Microsoft Outlook press 'INSERT' in mailbox.

Using F1 in Excel

If you need help in Microsoft Excel press F1

Switching folders in Outlook

To go to a different folder in Outlook press CTRL + Y

Line spacing in Word.

To make a single space line in Microsoft Word press CTRL + 1

To make a double space line in Word press CTRL + 2

Quick ways to Bold, Italic and Underline in Word.

CTRL + I = Italic
CTRL + B = Bold
CTRL + U = Underline

How do I hide the ribbon in Word?

To hide the ribbon double click on Home Tab. Do same to get back.

How do I reset the Font in Word?

To reset the font style in Microsoft Word press CTRL + SPACEBAR

How do I quickly navigate from the top and bottom in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel to jump to the bottom press CTRL + END
To jump to the top press CTRL + HOME

Highlighting from a cell in Excel.

To highlight from a cell to the top press CTRL + SHIFT + HOME
To highlight from a cell to the end press CTRL + SHIFT + END

Using the SHIFT key in PowerPoint.

Use the SHIFT key whilst drawing lines, arrow heads, squares and circles to get perfect shapes.