SquareOne - Quality Assurance

1 Purpose of this Policy

This policy is set up for to monitor the Quality Assurance of staff of SquareOne. All members of SquareOne should be aware
of this policy.

SquareOne Quality Assurance starts from the time a phone or email is taken to the conclusion of the training.

2 Communication

If the telephone rings, all calls must be answered if possible, within three rings.
No one is to answer the telephone whilst eating or chewing gum.
Any further action required from a telephone conversation must be dealt with at a quick rate, by either following up via email
or giving the customer a date when this will be actioned by.

3 Health & Safety

At SquareOne safety is always first. Communication is a key facet of health and safety management, which is why SquareOne
will commit to notifying the customer of any hazards or incidents which may arise or occur at any stage during the contract
for services. We will also ensure that the SquareOne Health and Safety Policy statement is communicated to all relevant
personnel/representatives as and when required. Health and Safety will consistently be a top priority for SquareOne
throughout the contract delivery.

4 Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)/Objectives

Training Needs Analysis is the formal process of identifying the training gap and the related training need. By working in
partnership with our customers, SquareOne aim to address the business requirements and where necessary compile and
analyse regular and consistent Training Needs Analyses as part of the on-going project improvement strategy.

5 Course Design

SquareOne are experienced at designing and tailoring IT training solutions which meet the exact needs of our customers and
partners. During the design phase SquareOne take in to account key considerations such as:
Wherever possible, ask all delegates to complete our training needs analysis forms to enable us to tailor the course, or point
them in the right direction of the course required and dates.
Make sure the delegate has seen a copy of our course content prior to booking onto the course.

6 Version

Always check the version of the training taking place at the time of booking, and this can be entered on the customer
booking form.

7 Closed Courses

Wherever possible please quote that we provide courses offsite even if someone enquires for a small number of delegates to
be trained.

8 Training

The delegate can ask for the course to be customised on the day. Giving them the maximum Quality available wherever

All courses to be monitored by SquareOne Sales Team or Training Manager to evaluate the Quality and overall learning

Lisa Johnson to audit external trainers at least once a year by sitting on one of the courses.

Quality and Diversity Policy

9 Feedback

Feedback is to be completed for all courses and entered into a database.
The focus of the centre is on delegates with the provision of relevant and flexible quality training programmes and
assessment to suit their needs and lifestyle.

Any courses that are under the required very good-excellent standard will be followed up by Lisa Johnson.
Sales team to contact the delegate no later than 1-week post course to get appropriate feedback.

Additional courses required that are marked on the feedback forms should be entered into a database and the sales team

Sales team to contact client main contact and not go direct to the delegate - sales team to only contact their own clients.

10 Courseware

Any manuals supplied by External Contractors (hard copy), must be kept in the cupboard in the SquareOne offices.
If these were supplied by Email these should not be sent to any other external company/individual, and all copyright signs
must be left intact.

All delegates attending courses will receive a copy of the manual.

If a delegate chooses to have an electronic copy, then this is acceptable but must be sent only as a PDF and should first be
approved in writing by Lisa Johnson.

No manuals/correspondence should be sent from a trainer’s email account or trainers mobile be given out unless approved
in writing by Lisa Johnson.

11 Delivery

Course Experience: At SquareOne our courses are designed to be interactive, informative, energetic and applicable to the
real world. Delegates attending our courses will receive a valuable learning experience. By designing courses in this way we
aim to receive consistently “good” and “excellent” feedback from all course attendees, regardless of their job role,
experience or ability.

12 Evaluation

SquareOne will critically analyse the services which are provided in order to identify potential improvements. In order to
facilitate progress SquareOne commit to:

Identifying the emergence of new technologies: Any new technology which could enhance the services provided by
SquareOne will be reported to the relevant representative at SquareOne.

Reporting negative feedback: Any negative feedback received in relation to the provision of services will be reported to
SquareOne Training Manager or Sales Manager immediately. SquareOne will then work with the trainer to put in place
measures to prevent a reoccurrence.

Identifying areas for improvement: SquareOne will continually analyse the service being provided and will put forward
suggestions for improvements to trainers and key members of staff. Such improvements may be beneficial in terms of the
quality of performance, delivery and cost effectiveness of the programme.

Adhering to the Change Control Procedure: Before making any changes to the provision of services, SquareOne will work
through the Change Control Procedure.

All courses will be monitored on a course to course basis. The feedback should then be entered into a database.

Every six months statistics will be printed for each trainer. This is to help the quality we offer and make sure we get the
required excellent level.

Quality and Diversity Policy

The provision is regularly monitored and reviewed by Lisa Johnson.

An Internal Verification is carried out on an on-going basis.

13 Complaints Procedure

If a customer is not happy with any aspect of the our customer service, then the process would be firstly to discuss this with
the account manager on +44 151 650 6907 – Our general office email is info@squareonetraining.com and all complaints
should be put in writing where this will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

We will endeavour to rectify all complaints within 2 working days.

If a delegate/company are not happy with their training, then this should be immediately discussed with the trainer or a
member of the SquareOne team so that we can make steps to rectify this.

All complaints will be dealt with in a professional manner and we endeavour to offer a resolution within 2 working days.

14 Data Protection Act & The Freedom of Information Act

When communicating and storing personal data relating to any delegates or employees, SquareOne will ensure that the data
is secure and safeguarded in accordance with The Data Protection Act.

SquareOne will communicate course attendance and course performance reports to its customers if requested in the form of
signing in sheets and evaluation forms.

15 The Review of Services

Review meetings with customers will be attended by SquareOne on a regular basis (at least annually) in order for all parties
to discuss the progress of the delivery of services and any other items identified on the Agenda.

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