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Project Management Fundamentals

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Project Management and the Project Life Cycle

  • What do we expect from this Course?
  • 7 Principals of Project Management
  • What is a Project?
  • Projects within a Programme
  • What is Project Management?
  • Who is the Project Manager?
  • Project Organisation Structure
  • The Project Life Cycle – 4 Stage Approach

Stage 1 – Initiation

  • Identify the need for the project
  • Analyse Business options
  • Lessons from previous projects investigated and acknowledged
  • complete a Business Case
  • Give justification to the project
  • Measures benefits against dis-benefits
  • Document major risks
  • Define and document Roles and Responsibilities
  • Appoint a Project Manager
  • Business Case Sign Off

Stage 2 – Planning

  • Projects agreed and appropriately prioritised
  • A PID (Project Initiation document) created
  • Project Plan created using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Project planned detailing Phases, Tasks, Duration, Start and Finish Date, Constraints, Resources, Costs and Risk.
  • Resources added to the project
  • Create a Gantt Chart displaying the project’s tasks, milestones and critical path
  • Risk Register created
  • Quality Register created
  • Communications process created
  • Set a Baseline (Point of Approval)
  • PID Sign Off

Stage 3 – Execution/Control

  • Risks assessed and analysed
  • If required Change controlled and documented
  • Issues escalated and documented
  • Actuals against Planned documented
  • Stage Plans completed
  • Determine If Business Case is still valid or project will deliver the business benefits

Stage 4 – Closing a Project

  • Define the end of a Project
  • Determine if successful outcome
  • Lessons Learned Report completed
  • End Project Report completed

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Who should attend?

This course is suitable for people who require a basic understanding of how to plan and manage a project. Designed for staff who do not need the intricacies of a PRINCE2 course or for staff who are aiming to attend a PRINCE2 course and wish to learn some prior basic project management skills.


  • Learn the principles of good project management
  • Plan and manage a project
  • Complete necessary project management documentation
  • Work as a team to plan, manage and deliver a1 project
  • Participants will:
  • Be interactive within this course
  • Be given a choice of projects to work on
  • Be placed into groups with one person in the group acting as Project Manager
  • Work through a 4-stage approach to Project Management
  • Complete the necessary documentation for each stage in the project
  • Work as a team to reach a successful outcome of their project

Course Duration

Duration: 2 Days

Course Contents

The subjects listed on the left are an outline. If there are any additional subjects you wish to cover, please feel free to call us prior to the course. All of our courses can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Training Locations

This course can be delivered as an closed course only.

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Course Dates 

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