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Powerful Communication

Category: Personal Development, Personal Development

The following topics are covered in our Powerful Communication workshop:

How do we communicate with others?

  • The use of body language, written and verbal communications. 
  • How to improve active listening skills. 
  • Questions – open and closed and when to use. 
  • Written correspondence – are you getting your message across?

Communication Strategy

  • Review of the techniques used by your organisation.
  • How can they be improved? 
  • Internal, external communications – what is the difference and why are they important?


  • Understanding the important of planning and preparing for a presentation and why structuring presentations effectively is important. The importance of researching your subject area and having up to date factual and interesting information.
  • Interacting with the audience and getting them to participate. 
  • Dealing with difficult questions. 
  • Valuation information on the pros and cons of different audio visual aid and how to use them to the best effect. 
  • The content of the presentation, your body language and your voice.


  • Asking for feedback – positive and constructive comments. 
  • The use of “happy sheets" and how to learn from feedback to improve future presentation skills. 
  • Monitoring internal communications an overcoming any barriers and keeping the “channels" open.

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Course Objectives

This one day course is designed to give delegates an overview of the skills needed to effectively communicate both internally and externally. Delegates will gain an understanding of active listening, written and spoken communications and how to prepare and deliver an effective presentation in order to get a point across in a confident, effective and positive manner. The course also examines the importance of recognising the needs of the audience.

Course Details

Duration: 1 Day

Timings: 09:30 - 16:30

Course Contents

The subjects listed on the left are an outline. If there are any additional subjects you wish to cover, please feel free to call us prior to the course.

Course Dates

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