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Navisworks Quick Start for 4D Simulation

Category: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Navisworks


  • Workspace overview
  • Open, append, merge and refresh files in Navisworks
  • Database support (data tools)

Project Review Tools

  • Learn how to integrate all project models, including the largest datasets, into a single aggregate model
  • Work with object properties, measure tools, viewpoints, mark-ups and animations
  • Import live data from external databases and display within the model
  • Store, organize, and share camera views of a design and export them into images or reports
  • Add cross sections and section plans to inspect details

Collaboration Tools

  • Publish and store project models in a single distributable NWD or DWF™ file
  • Compress original project file size by up to 90%
  • Embed or exclude object properties
  • Add mark-ups with advanced redlining tools
  • Include date-stamped audit trail for your project notes
  • Record animated walkthroughs for real-time playback

Real-Time Navigation, Real-Time Experience

  • Use advanced navigation tools such as gravity and solid object recognition


Embracing a fourth dimension of time, the TimeLiner tool is aimed at satisfying the growing interest in affordable 4D construction simulation for building and site planning, as well as presentation of time-based modelling.  TimeLiner makes it easy to produce time simulations and “what-if” scenarios. Show objects being added or removed according to the scheduled tasks.

  • Gantt view project schedules
  • Create tasks, associate dates with tasks
  • Import from and link to project management software
  • Configure, define and export a simulation sequence
  • Compare actual to planned tasks

Animator and Scripter

These tools allow you to animate your model and interact with it. For example, you could animate how a crane moves around a site, or how a car is assembled or dismantled. You can also create interactive animations using Scripter, which link your animations to specific events. For example, the doors open as you approach them.

  • Create an animation
  • Manipulate objects within an animation
  • Modify object position, rotation, size, colour and transparency
  • Link Timeliner with scripted object animation to trigger and schedule object movement based on a start time and task duration
  • Use Navisworks tools for workspace and process planning

 Course Non-Goals

This 1-day course will not cover quantification, clash detection, or rendering in Navisworks

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