Inventor Sheet Metal Design

Category: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Inventor

Basic Design Tools

  • Copy and paste options
  • Undo and redo options

Sheet Metal Overview

  • Typical workflow of sheet metal design
  • Sheet metal / Inventor terminology
  • Using folded and flat design methods

The Sheet Metal Environment

  • Create, manage and apply sheet metal styles
  • Cut shapes out of sheet metal parts
  • Fold 3D sheet metal parts from flat geometry
  • Use sheet metal bends
  • Creating holes in sheet metal
  • Create punch features
  • Common modelling tools: fillet and chamfer, rectangular and circular patterns, mirrored features
  • Plan your designs for better creation and editing

Part Creation Techniques

  • Create sheet metal parts inside and outside the context of the assembly
  • Use flat geometry created in another application
  • Importing 3D geometry Creating complex sheet metal shapes: cylinders, cones, transitions

Sheet Metal Automation

  • Updating your sheet metal parts using iParts
  • Using Excel spreadsheets to drive your model
  • The difference between a linked and an embedded spreadsheet
  • Configuring and creating custom punches in your designs

Sheet Metal within Assemblies

  • Constraining sheet metal parts using iMates
  • Using the skeletal modelling approach to assembly design
  • Adding welded hardware to sheet metal parts

Using Flat Patterns

  • Understand flat patterns and how to use them
  • Use the Flat Patter tool
  • Exporting flat patterns from the part file

Detailing Sheet Metal Designs

  • Set up your drawing environment
  • Include 2D flat patterns in your Inventor drawings

Advanced Design 

  • Create flat patterns based on material thickness, bend radius and bend angle

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