Inventor FEA and Dynamic Simulation

Category: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Inventor

Overview of Stress Analysis

  • Use stress analysis to estimate the deformation, stress, and natural frequencies of your designs
  • Understand the stress analysis interface

Preparing and Running a Simulation

  • Set up and run a stress analysis
  • Add loads and constraints to a model

Viewing the Results

  • Understand how to view stress results

Analysing Assemblies

  • Calculate the deflection and stress for the entire assembly
  • Take into account complex load paths and contact conditions between parts

Mesh Control and Convergence

  • Control element size, identifying areas that require a finer mesh, and dealing with stress singularities to perform a convergence study

Performing a Modal Analysis

  • Apply a load to an assembly to determine the effect on its natural frequencies

Overview of Dynamic Simulation

  • Simulate and analyse dynamic characteristics of an assembly under various load conditions Understand the dynamic simulation interface

Creating Joints

  • Design mechanical joints between components to simulate dynamic motion
  • Create and restrict degrees of freedom in a joint

Defining Loads

  • Use loads to describe the virtual environment that simulates the reality in which your parts and assemblies behave 
  • Define torque and motion

Running Simulations and Analysing Results

  • Run a simulation to adjust and refine your design

Engineering Problems and Solutions

  • At the end of Day 2, you will combine everything you have learned in an application workshop to answer advanced design questions such as:
  • What is the machinery time cycle?
  • Is the actuator powerful enough?
  • Is the link robust enough?
  • Can I reduce weight without sacrificing integrity?

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