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Microsoft Word is used in businesses and organisations throughout the world to create professional documents such as letters, reports, newsletters and handbooks.

At SquareOne we are passionate about teaching people how to use tools and techniques featured in Microsoft Word so that they can work more efficiently and get the most out of this fantastic product.

Software Versions

We offer training solutions for all versions of Word - 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Please specify version at the time of booking.

Microsoft Word Training Courses

  • Word - Level 1

    This course is suitable for people who wish to improve their understanding of Microsoft Word so that they can produce professional documents, letters, reports and newsletters.

  • Word - Level 2

    This course is ideal for delegates who can create and modify basic documents who would like to learn some of the more complex features of Microsoft Word such as Forms, Mail Merge and Column Formatting.

  • Word - Level 3

    This course will teach you how to use the advanced features of Microsoft Word to their full potential. By the end of the course you will be able to create complex documents, with features such as a table of contents, footnotes, bookmarks and an index.

Microsoft Word Online Courses

  • LiveLearning: Microsoft Word – Tabs, Indents and Tables (3 Hours)

    This course is perfect for existing users of Microsoft Word who are looking at specific techniques for Indents, Tables and Forms. It is expected that you know the basics of Word and would be able to do everyday Formatting.

  • LiveLearning: Microsoft Word - Long Documents (3 Hours)

    This course is perfect for existing users of Microsoft Word who are looking to speed up editing of documents and reduce RSI. Many people find Word frustrating to use as it doesn’t do what they want sometimes – if this is you, then this course is one you can't afford to miss. 

Microsoft Word Building Blocks - Short Courses

Build Word in to your training day using our "Building Blocks" training solution. Mix and match any of our short training "blocks" to create a customised training day which meets all of your learning needs.

For a full list of our Building Block options please click here.

If you are not sure about the training you require, please do not hesitate to contact us for free, confidential guidance.

Our Word Training Solutions

At SquareOne we pride ourselves on our flexibility which is why we offer a wide range of training solutions. We provide our Word training in a variety of formats including:

  • Open Scheduled Classroom Courses
  • In House Classroom Training
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Seminars
  • Live Leaning
  • Consultancy
  • Walkabouts
  • Building Blocks
  • 1:1 Training

Word Training Locations

We can provide in-house training solutions at your office in any location in the UK or Europe. We frequently deliver training in Wirral, Merseyside, Liverpool, Manchester, Blackpool, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Chester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leatherhead and Warrington. For more information about our training locations please click here.

Our scheduled open classroom courses are held in Merseyside, UK. To view our upcoming courses please click here.

What our Customers Say

"This course will save me so much time I cannot recommend it highly enough!"

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